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Mar, 07, 2023
Web Development

9 Tips to Choose a Web Design Company in Dubai

In this digital age, when/where almost everything is online, businesses are trying to reach new people, & different markets online. Digital advertising, social media, Display & PPC marketing, and everything is trending to increase the brand reach, and awareness to get more and more new customers. Websites are an integral entity of any business; company & even personality have their websites. This indicates how important websites are which is why businesses are hiring digital marketing agencies to develop their highly responsive websites & business apps.

With the boom in online commerce, businesses are in dire need of having websites and apps for online brand presence & it also helps them to advertise & promote the website to reach new audiences. Infect, all digital marketing and SEO activities are based on having highly optimized websites. Search engines also have certain rules and guidelines about keeping the website up to mark to get a high ranking in search results. Also, the website should be responsive for all types of screens, it got mandatory with the boom of smartphones. Here you would need either to hire a web design & web development in-house team which is a very expensive practice or hire a company for web development in Dubai. So, we are sharing a few points about hiring the best web design agency in Dubai:

Check Reviews:

Google, Yelp, Glassdoor & Facebook reviews are important to get unbiased and genuine feedback, customers gave about your potential web design agency or web development company in Dubai. There would be positive, negative, and mixed reviews, which can help you draw a picture of any web design agency in Dubai.


Based on reviews & your own research, shortlist a few web design companies, talk to them on call & ask a few relevant questions. Directly ask for the quotation, if they send it without a counter inquiry about your website design and functionalities requirements, Run, they are not genuine, and you may have a very bad experience.

A genuine web development agency in Dubai will ask for your requirements, and upon receiving your requirements, they will send the quotation. You should go to discuss & bargain the quotation; it also will help you to see and check their office too & would be able to check their previous work directly.


The portfolio is the work they have done for their previous client companies. Upon visiting their office, you should ask about their previous work to know about their standards & level of work. From checking their work, you would be clear to decide whether to go with them or search for some other web design and web development company in Dubai.


There are no standard or fixed prices. Different web design companies have different charges structures, so you should compare the different quotations & services offered in quotations. Try not to save a few Dirhams while compromising on the quality but you need to hire the best web development company with a reasonable price. recrutare muncitori asia

Offered Services:

Different web design and development platforms have made it easy for professionals to design and develop large website structures from scratch. Drupal, Joomla, & WordPress, etc. are used for website development. WordPress offers themes that can be customized according to the business’s needs. CMSs like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento, are being used to design & develop large, structured E-commerce stores. There are a lot of companies that offer custom web design and development services too. Check your requirement whether your business needs CMS based website or you wish to have a custom website. You will have the idea upon discussing your website desired framework with the company you want to hire for your project. They will tell you whether the company has website developers’ teams according to your requirement and desired framework or not.


Web design development agencies should be highly expert in developing multilingual websites, as nowadays businesses have broad reach and customer bases. That’s why businesses wish to have multilingual websites. Check whether a web design and development company can provide you with a highly functional multilingual website or if they are not capable of that. Their previous work will help you with this too.


Good web design and development companies in Dubai provide support and assistance for a certain time after the project completion. You should have a clear time frame from you’re potential web design company about the support services in case of any issue arise after a certain time.

Digital Marketing Guidelines:

Digital marketing is now the primary thing in website advertisement, business reach, and conversion enhancements. You should check whether the web design and development agency has followed digital marketing best practices in their previous work. The company should know about the optimized website hierarchy which is not only search engine friendly but also user-friendly. The best digital marketing agency dubai can implement all the digital marketing things professionally.

Relevant services:

Web design and development are the first phases of the website development lifecycle, website also needs the content to be uploaded. Check whether they will write content for it or you will have to provide it. The same is the case with adding images, gateways & payment systems & most importantly whether they will do the digital marketing later after developing the website.

If they have experienced digital marketing teams including social media, Google Ads & SEO teams to provide digital marketing services, you are good to go with them.