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Feb, 10, 2023
Social Media

Choosing the Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai

Social media has reached almost every person’s hand & people love to spend time using social media sites & apps. 2021 reports suggested that the middle eastern market digital marketing spend would be $ 7.7. More than half of that amount was said to be allocated to social media marketing.

Social media marketing brought up a lot of opportunities, social media agencies are getting in line in Dubai, with in-house expert social media marketing specialists’ teams, they really help businesses’ brand names to reach a wide range of audiences with high ROI. There are many social media apps and websites that are top of the list & businesses prefer to have a good presence and followers there. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat & TikTok are the major player in social media marketing.

The role of social media agencies is vast, they play important roles in business growth on social media. They not only maintain & manage social media presence but also increase the reach, brand awareness & business ROI. Their teams know how to handle advertising costs, ads management & brand reputation.

The social media agency would not only set the FB pixels, and retargeting, but also set the custom event pixels/tracking codes and will run the optimized social media advertising campaigns. You will need to hand over all the social media roles to their teams after a proper officially liable agreement & trust them with their skills.

The best social media agency in Dubai would give you a complete social media marketing project plan with all the social media channels discussed in detail & a timeframe.

Some important points in social media agency selection are given as under. web development in dubai 

Discuss their offer: 

Upon meeting with the social media agency in Dubai, you need to have a full requirement list, with the targets and social media channels. What they will offer you and what would be the timeframe and frequency of social media activities?

The social media agency will hand over their proposal which will include all the things, timeframe & services they will provide, like,

Complete social media marketing map

Content curation

Graphic designing & post designing

Stories, material & creative copywrites things

How to manage community management

Social media brand management & reputation

Social media campaigns management

Testing different types of campaigns & A/B testing of ads

Reporting & progress reports.

2. Clear Communication:

Ask for the communication medium and frequency of reports. Are they clear in their communication and what they are offering, do they have an understanding of your niche and industry? What is the deadline mechanism they will present?

3. Teams:

Do they have talented and experienced social media teams, or do they just get the project and outsource it to developing countries? You should concentrate on this point. You just need a social media agency that can properly handle your brand reputation and reach new potential clients. Going for a local social media agency in UAE is good, you would be able to have close eyes on them and on their progress.  Another important point of social media agencies in UAE is that their in-house teams would know the audience behavior better than outsider outsourced companies. best best digital marketing agency in Dubai 

4. Check their Work:

Check if they have worked for big names & brands. Checking their old clients’ work they have done, their current clients & own social media pages, and the account they manage. If it is up to mark and of high standards, you should go to avail their services. Their previous and current social media projects will give a good idea of what to do.

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