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Jan, 18, 2023
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends in Dubai for 2023?

The current time is totally digital, almost every business has a digital presence. Infect, this decade can be called the digital marketing age, the boom, and the peak of digital marketing is yet to come in the nearest future when AI & metaverse along with voice search will totally be integrated. Post-pandemic changes made digital marketing very tough, not only for business owners but also for digital marketers. These changes can affect small businesses marketing, they may be facing a tough environment because of their limited resources. Google is also changing with the continuous modification of its digital marketing rules & regulations. The search method is changing, and, the voice search is taking place. Here are a few of the possible digital marketing trends in Dubai for 2023.

Young Generation: Digital Marketing is centering the tactics that are personalized, interest-based, and young generation focused. Brands are implementing creative ways to reach young people through different channels. Video marketing with creativity, originality and a humerus touch is making the buzzes. Small businesses not only in Dubai but all across the world have scope in video marketing, they can beat the competition in this regard by implementing creativity in their marketing strategies.

Generation Z wants a brand that is realistic, honest, part of society, and clearly follows their interest and values in their products, services, and branding. Brands need to clearly show their stances on social & global events & matters. Youngsters are mainly using TikTok, Snapchat & Instagram and the brands are already on these mediums. Along with these mediums, brands are flocking to every new medium while following the young public who have spent $43 billion on online purchases in the USA, making a 40% share in online commerce in 2021.

Metaverse is being talked about a lot, with many giant brands like Nike & Starbucks, and many other big brands announcing experimental metaverse use, but no one has the ROI or any tangible results data.

AI integration is another factor that is changing digital marketing. The post you read or video you watch, algorithms determine your search activities and posts interactions & act accordingly. People often express their views that they have a conversation about something and after a while ads start popping up about the same product or service.

Short Videos are taking place & they will grow with time. Brands must follow their target customers and potential customer on the channels they are active. Gen. Z mainly uses TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat, which is why brands are going there with great focus.

A simple & clearly drafted message about your brand, product, or service is another aspect of 2023 digital marketing trends in Dubai. You must research, composing a clear short message based on reality, originality, and humor is the key to success.

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Influencer marketing is trending for years, and it will be growing in 2023 digital marketing trends. Though the followers’ number is counted but relevant, catchy, and original content matters the most. Making market & competitors research, creating the strategy, and implementing it will be the right thing to do in 2023.

The Employees’ advocacy is another factor that may trend in 2023 digital marketing trends in Dubai. Employees’ voices can reach more people with more power than business accounts can. People value their voices and bringing the team to the frontline will be very useful for business growth.

Local Marketing has always been useful for businesses and focusing on the primary market should be the key factor in any business digital marketing strategy.

All these things don’t mean that the brand would be leaving the foundation of digital marketing like on-page, Technical & International SEO, Google Ads, Emails & all other digital marketing activities.

Brands must prepare mix marketing strategy with a combination of new trends aligned with the tactics from digital marketing foundations. Above all, businesses also should focus on traditional marketing like before. Moving forward doesn’t mean discarding traditional marketing. In the US, TV ads have over 30% of the share of total ad spend.

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