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Feb, 17, 2023
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Guide for Digital Marketing in UAE – LinkedIn Marketing in Dubai

Guide for LinkedIn Marketing in Dubai UAE. LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform among the professionals, with 775 million users worldwide. This huge number of audiences make it one of the top social media platforms. Businesses are greatly using it for B2B brand awareness and increasing the sales & revenue. If you are B2B business & want to increase your conversions and leads, build a network of followers and business customers, you should check how have you been using LinkedIn & what is the part of LinkedIn marketing in your business growth. According to its audience nature, LinkedIn can play a vital role in your social media marketing.

LinkedIn Marketing Guide in Dubai, will give you all the detailed information and understanding of LinkedIn marketing in Dubai.

Just like other social media apps websites and platforms, LinkedIn marketing means using LinkedIn business page for generating followers, sharing different types of content, generating leads and increasing the brand exposure. LinkedIn can’t be ignored now-a-days with its active, high profiled audience, LinkedIn is playing important role in expending the genuine business reach. You can check the progress through LinkedIn analytics. 

LinkedIn marketing is necessary because LinkedIn have all the professional & fields experts like executives, managers, engineers, business owners & all other specialists’ people who have great purchasing power. LinkedIn marketing can’t be ignored, as LinkedIn lead generation effectiveness is 227% more than Twitter & FB. LinkedIn was built for connecting experts and making a network of professionals, sharing ideas and career building. Professional share different kind of posts, content and ideas with others & publicly across LinkedIn network. LinkedIn marketing in Dubai is important part of businesses marketing life cycles. Log of angencies provide Digital Marketing Dubai Based Services.

Some of the LinkedIn tips are given as under.


Like other social media platforms, you can use hashtags, which emphasize the posts and increase the post reach. Hashtags ignite the simple phrases to reach new audience, niches and industries & geographic locations. You also can follow the trending hashtags to target new people and areas. Using relevant keyword is also necessary it make your post able to reach the relevant and desired audience.


You should be using business page because no one will need to send a request, rather everyone can directly follow it. Anyone can see the posts and content any page can share across the network & also it sharable.


Your business team should prepare posting strategy, with a combination of long & short form of posts, videos, graphics, external articles and humorous posts. Long posts are good for catching user attentions but you shouldn’t share same kind of posts in a row but in combination would be helpful in keeping the audience keen to see the posts.


Keep the posting in a consistent way. Making a schedule and keep strict to it, as LinkedIn content have more lifeline than other social media platforms.

Page URL:

Add professional look to your page URL, A customize LinkedIn page URL make it easier to differentiate and easy to share. You can easily change the UL from page setting.

Job Posting:

Posting jobs on the page keep the audience motivated and active. It is always helpful to reach new talent and increase the engagement too.


LinkedIn give the facility to reach wider audience through running different types of ads. LinkedIn advertising have many types of campaigns depending upon the need & goal of the business.

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