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Mar, 09, 2023
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How to do a PPC Competitive Analysis in Dubai

How to do a PPC Competitive Analysis

PPC stands for Pay Per Click – An advertising technique & model, in which businesses run paid campaigns and ads above search results. PPC is the digital adverting technique to pay for every click on an Ad business run on Google. Business uses PPC to drive instant traffic & conversions from Google & other search engines.

Businesses are in great competition to grab & attract more and more new customers to their brands. They adopt a combination of long-term & short-term marketing and advertising strategies which help them to grow their businesses. The fast & short-term marketing strategies are based on bringing instant results while the long-term marketing strategies help in brand building. Strategies with instant results are paid advertisements for the business while the long-term activities can be Search Engine Optimization and brand building. Google Ads are being used to bring instant results and increase to ROI. Google ads & other forms of advertising need to be done with great care.

PPC can ignite brand awareness & can boost the return on Investment in a very short span of time. But sometimes PPC can bring less or no results because of many factors. First of all, you need to work on your website landing page, optimize it, add call to actions, and make it highly self-explanatory, with attractive content & images. Along with it, you can’t keep your eyes closed from the competitors’ side.  You need to know what they are doing not only to save the cost but also not to be left behind in the competition. Hiring a digital marketing agency in Dubai at reasonable prices to do all of your business digital marketing and advertising tasks would be a very handy approach. Some tips that can lead you to develop an effective PPC competitors’ analysis.


Identify your direct competitors, even if you previously have detailed reports on your competition, you should do it from time to time. There is always something new adopted by new companies or old competitors. You can take the help of sales & marketing teams to get the data. muncitori nepalezi

You also can use some tools like SEMRUSH & also Google Ads auction Insights so that you have an idea about your Google Ad performance.

Analyze their Keywords:

You should check all the top keywords they target & their ranking against top keywords. Getting the idea of how many keywords they are targeting is also necessary to get the list of such keywords to increase the bids to tackle the competitors. SEMRUSH keywords Gap tool to know about the keywords your competitors are bidding for.

Check all the channels, search engines, social media & display channels, where they can display their ads. Check their social media and display ads placements, it will get you an idea about any business. Any social media agency in Dubai can give you a complete report on their social media advertising channels and Ad placement. You also can check their ranked keywords through the same tool to target in SEO. Spyfu is also very helpful to know about the competitors’ Google ads performance history including CTR, Conversion rates & even spending.

Ad Copies & Landing Page:

Landing pages are the key to improving website performance & the content is always the winning point of any website and brand. You need to work not only on your website page copy but also on your ad copies too. Checking on your competitors’ landing pages & ad copies may give you a good understanding of your own content to improve it accordingly. Check & compare keyword density in your competitors and your own pages and ad copies. Know their content tone & check whether they are using videos and graphics etc. Landing page analysis & comparison is also necessary. You should not only compare the content but also the UI & hierarchical structure too. Google Auction report will give you competitors best-performing landing page data. The website development teams will help you in creating a highly optimized landing page.

Target Audience:

Try to understand what audience base they are targeting, and check their display ads, placement & the channels they are using for their advertising activities. Products analysis & advertising channels will give you complete understanding of what types of audiences they are targeting. AHREFs, Similar Web can give you a good idea to identify the target audience.


With Ad intelligence tools like Ad Gooroo and Spyfu, you can Look at the competitors’ budgets to know where they are spending the money & allocate to the point budget. Check their ads frequency & number of keywords by checking & searching different keyword sets.


You can understand the competitors' PPC performance by analyzing the different industries' benchmarks' & specifically your niche standard benchmarks. Wordstream PPC industries benchmarks' report gives a detailed understanding of performance. Along with it, the ad rank also can help you to compare your results in the light of industry benchmark report.