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Feb, 18, 2023
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How to Do Snapchat Marketing in Dubai, UAE - Snapchat Marketing in Dubai

Small businesses lack marketing resources to coup with the big businesses & brands in the marketing budget. Bigger businesses spend more on marketing and advertising on different social media and online channels & platforms, they also have the budget for hiring in-house digital marketing & social media marketing teams & or hiring the best social media marketing agency for their marketing. On the other hand, small businesses lack such resources in general, so allocate lower budgets for marketing and advertising, but yes, they have the most suitable option of hiring any specialist digital marketing agency Dubai with reasonable prices, they can hire a whole team in a price of one full-time resource as there is huge room for business in Snapchat marketing in Dubai/.

Small businesses have now another very easy and very fast advertising opportunity, which came into the limelight with the popularity of mainly short video platforms like TikTok, IG shorts, and Snapchat. Businesses are going toward these social media platforms with great frequency.  

Businesses can use Snapchat for business promotion and advertising. Snapchat is very popular among youngsters, and they are very active there to share snaps and videos. In the US, youngsters have nearly 45 billion in purchasing power. They are more than active on Snapchat & other social media platforms.

After its launch in 2011, Snapchat is now among the top social media apps across the globe. Though other social media may have more audience than Snapchat, but, no business can ignore its branding and conversion optimization power with more than 320 million daily active users. Millions of images and videos are shared on a daily basis which makes it one of the most active social media platforms.

You would have seen business videos and promotional material on Snapchat. Let’s dive into the Snap marketing in Dubai guide which would serve beginners’ Snapchat marketing in Dubai.

Snapchat has highly active users, most are Gen. Z & people under 35 years of age, so if you wish to target this audience, you need to have an active Snapchat marketing strategy. Data revealed that Snapchat is a mix of Gen. Z & millennials up to 75%, making it ideal for businesses to have a mixed target audience. Data statistics reveal that SC is the most engaging app and young people love to keep active on it.  

Interaction with Brands:

Snapchat users interact with their Snapchat friends can see ads and originally discover businesses and brands. Users can get the connection with businesses & brands through the discover section.

The Discover part of Snapchat users can reach the brand marketing materials. The brand’s reach was more than 50 million unique Snapchat users in 2021.

Unique & Fun side:

The Snapchat persona is based on fun and casual. It’s about being funny and authentic in the best possible way. Many businesses are sharing content that is bold, funny, full of humor, and maybe a little cheeky. To express the businesses and users, Snapchat released Snap-Map-for-Ticketmaster events and Converse Bitmoji’. digital marketing agency dubai 


A business account is needed to use Snapchat for business use, you can lot of other features with the help of a Snapchat business account which are helpful for marketing on Snapchat. The business account is the profile public which gives you a custom business presence like a Facebook page. It will make the business able to run the campaigns from Ad Manager. It also provides you the opportunity to target the audience on a demographic and geographic level. Making an account is easy and simple, you would need an email, phone, and business name. Businesses should have a business account by reaching Snapchat Business Manager, log in to their business account details, and set up a business account. Write your name, currency, and location.


Start using your business account, you can develop and run the campaigns too. Start R&D for creating quirky, funny, original content compatible with business persona.

Business Manager:

The Snapchat business manager is the one-stop destination for all business-related Snapchat marketing and advertising and business account optimization. The Snapchat manager has all the things the Facebook business manager offers like detailed custom targeting, catalogs, analytics, and other things. The business manager allows you to develop content within a few clicks, but you need to have very good content prepared after proper R&D.

Instant create, make businesses able to create video or image ad in less than 4,5 minutes.

Advance create is for detailed targeting ads, with specifying and narrowing down the ad objectives, ads split tests & creating new campaigns or ad sets.

Event Manager: Make able the businesses have snap pixels for conversion tracking of campaigns. It also helps businesses to track all the seasonal and temporary product conversions from different types of events.

Product Catalogs:

Snapchat also provides product catalogs like Facebook, and businesses can create business catalogs through Snapchat for direct sales.


Snapchat allows businesses to create Augmented reality Lenses to keep their followers active and connected to the business.


Businesses can use images and graphs and humorous posts to keep connected to customers.

Audience Insights: Businesses always need to know about their customer and potential customers, their likes, dislikes, passions, etc.

The best way to promote the business over social media is to market the business & go for cross-promote the brand name. Creating a unique snap code will make the people scan through their phones, it is for brand easy reach and recognition. Businesses also add snap codes or the URL to promotional content.

Most of all the activities are how the business reaches its audience and what is your Snapchat marketing strategy. The first important thing you should do before anything is to reach out and start analyzing your core competitors’ Snapchat activities and advertising steps. You should also plan the content strategy after knowing your target audience’s behavior. Develop and create a business persona, it would help you keep the business name unique and distinct. web development in Dubai


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