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Feb, 25, 2023
Digital Marketing

How to Use Digital Marketing Automation Tools in Dubai Effectively

Digital marketing is a chain of activities done online on different web entities, mediums, and channels. Digital marketing teams must perform digital marketing to keep ahead in the line of business growth competition which is very time consuming and needs a lot of care and a thorough check for any mishap and mistake. The digital marketing team can integrate different solutions and tools to automate different digital marketing activities.

There are a lot of social media and email marketing tools, including AI-based content creator software, which can be used for speeding up content generation activities. By the end of this year, marketing automation tools’ market value would be around $25.2 billion which is a huge mark.

Many research studies reveal that nearly 80% of companies & digital marketing professionals reveal that these automation tools have a huge role in their success. Studies reveal that business that uses marketing automation tools and software are 20% more productive in their activities. The automation software not only helps in streamlining work activities and it aligns them to maximize the ROI. if you hire best digital marketing agency in Dubai, you would feel free to concentrate only on your business growth.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing automation tools are used for sending emails, newsletters, and press releases. It is also used for sharing seasonal coupon codes and discounts. Mailchimp & a lot of other email automation tools are being used for email marketing with different purchase packages depending upon the number of emails businesses have to send.


Lead generation tools are used to reach a wide range of target audiences and potential customers & generate leads to nurture them. muncitori nepalezi

Social media:

Social media automation tools are used to interlink all the social media platforms and automate & distribute the posts with one click. Hootsuite is one of the best social media tools, which is truly an all-in-one social media tool.

Content Creation:

AI-based content creation tools are also helpful in automating content creation to speed up the content creation process. AI-based content creation tools are not advised or suggested to be used because they may result in some problems, as Google may have some concerns about it as it advises to do everything manually & custom. Before using any type of automation tool, you should check for your marketing requirements and needs. Recrutare Personal Nepal

Why use automation tools:

Save Time:

There are many social media platforms that consume many hours daily because manually a team member has to create posts separately for every platform. With the help of an automation tool scheduler can save and streamline the activities. All the social media platforms’ posts would be shared within no time through an automation tool. Remember that you have to double-check each and every post before using the automation tool, as in case of any mistake, it may be a disaster for any business’s reputation. digital marketing agency dubai 

Monitor & Target Audiences:

Analytics tools provided by Google, Facebook & all other websites and platforms give a complete understanding of visitors’ behaviors, and why they do what they do on websites. You can check the difference in user engagement and bounce rate, by checking the individual platform engagements and bounce rates.

Brand Building:

Through automation tools, it is easy to build consistency in identification & which helps in maintaining brand recognition. Brand recognition helps in creating long time recognition and developing a unique identity among customers.

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