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Jan, 17, 2023
SEO Optimization

Key Benefits of Local SEO in Dubai For Your Business

SEO part of digital marketing is the most important aspect of digital marketing. SEO is the optimization of internal & external aspects of the websites, in collaboration with other SEO activities of the website so that it can rank higher in search ranking, conversions & a good brand name. There are many SEO types, which have different types of benefits for websites & businesses. Local SEO is the most important and popular type of SEO which truly help businesses. Local SEO is also called Map SEO which helps in targeting people in the local target area. Businesses are nowadays working on gaining ranking against main & popular keywords. Local SEO in Dubai is the first step for businesses to start their marketing phase with.

Local SEO in Dubai is totally a blessing for small & services-based businesses nowadays, as before, some time ago, small local businesses were facing very tough competition online against the bigger names. A few benefits of local SEO are given as under.

  1. Targeted & Enhanced Traffic: Local SEO ranking helps you in getting the local & enhanced traffic which is the most high-rated convertible traffic. This is the traffic that speaks for your business & has a great retention ratio. Local people work as referral marketers for your business.
  2. Better Conversion: The local SEO brings high potential traffic with a high conversion ratio. Some report indicates that 28% of local searches lead to sales and conversion which clearly indicates that local SEO has a high conversion ratio.
  3. Low-Cost Advertising: As the target is the local audience so they mainly go for almost all the local marketing channels. By optimizing & working on Local SEO-related keywords you can get a high ranking at a low cost, as people search for nearby & “Near Me” businesses first. Over 80% of phone users use “Near Me” with search queries.
  4. Ranking: Local ranking last for a long and it does not need a lot of hassle to maintain the ranking. Optimizing and getting the business rank means you have to do less work to keep it maintained.
  5. Reviews: Reviews play a vital role in businesses’ success locally. Nearly 88% of people read reviews before going for any purchase. This is why you have to work on your service standard which will encourage people to give reviews that help in generating more clients.
  6. Loyal Customer Base: Local businesses rely on local communities and people. Customers get used to it and stick to it. It helps businesses to make a loyal customer community.

Local SEO in Dubai is an integral part of the SEO process of every business. Businesses need to concentrate on the local market before spreading their wings to other markets because local market customer trust and loyalty is one of the very important factors in any business growth. 




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