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Feb, 02, 2023
Social Media

The Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing - Instagram Marketing in Dubai

Instagram had around 2 billion active users monthly until the fourth quarter of 2021, which are 200% more compared to 2018. IG is a trendsetter in social media & an OG platform. Instagram reshaped & introduced the use of images in social media & graphic marketing. 

First of all, you should check the business requirements, and how to grow the business & reach a broad audience, then It would be easy to understand what type of marketing and advertising your business need. Instagram is a highly popular & millennial favorite social media app, making it very good for businesses, entrepreneurs & creators.

Instagram marketing includes videos, images, carousel posts, short videos or reels, stories & sending posts. Some points about Instagram marketing are given below.

1.    Setup business account:

Your business Instagram marketing starts with your making a free business Instagram account, also you have the facility to change your existing personal profile into a business profile. You can download the Instagram app according to your mobile operating system & make an account.

2.    Verification:

Most of the brands or companies are not verified. Over 73% of brands or businesses with more than a million of followers have verified blue tick displayed. It is not compulsory to have a blue verified checkmark, but it can help in increasing trust. After applying for verification, they will send a notification about the outcome of your application. If its unsuccessful, you can reapply in 30 days.

3.    Ads

You can check Instagram advertising & IG ads; it can bring quick results & impact. Ads get your brand to reach a wider audience & bring instant results. You can either boost a post directly from the account or you must connect your meta business suits and make ads from the ad manager.

Launching a full campaign from Meta Business suite/Facebook Ad manager & click create an ad. You would know what goal you want to keep for your campaign, select the campaign goal & narrow down your target audience on the basis of age & interests. Defining the audience is the important part because it is the factor that decides the campaign’s effectiveness. AI-based Advantage audience is good which are business account followers-based audience. It changes & gets updated with the followers’ number change. You can launch the campaign upon finalizing the budget.

4.    Instagram Shop:

Instagram shopping tool is the most important tool to have it. Instagram users are very active shoppers with a high ratio of 44% of users shopping on weekly basis. You should create the shop & add the shop button. You should create an Instagram catalog & start selling products.

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