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Jan, 10, 2023
SEO Optimization

Complete SEO Checklist for 2023

Digital marketing is growing among the industry-leading aspects like web designing & development & app development. Nowadays, digital marketing is an absolute part of any business’s future plans & targets. After the covid burst out & in lockdowns, people shifted to online channels for almost everything, and so were the businesses, they dedicate all their marketing resources online & start relying fully on digital marketing, SEO, Social media & SEM.  SEO is an integral part of every business’s digital marketing activities, no business can get success without investing in SEO.

Unlike Google Ads, SEO help in gaining organic reach, branding, conversions & increase customer retention ratio. SEO plays a vital role in any business’s success in term of being free of cost because it directly affects the business presence in the target markets. There are some SEO Checks which are very important to implement on time, are given as under;

1. Technical SEO:

As the name suggests, Technical SEO refers to optimizing the technical aspects of websites, like a person having to check server-side FTP optimization, working on optimizing the website structure and hierarchy, optimizing server response time, and website should be pointed out at one domain format. Other technical aspects of SEO are website speed, mobile friendliness, etc. After all these things, you should have to know what time you should upload the Robots.txt file & sitemap so that Google & others can index the website pages.

2. Search Console:

Search console is a Google tool that shows you website all types of data, broken links, website keywords, and information about website malware attacks & to submit a sitemap too.

3. Analytics:

This is another Google free tool that tells us about customer behaviour across the website and why they do what they do on any website. It shows us the bounce rate & also details data of visitors. Also, linking Analytics with Google Ads gives wider data details. You should also link the search console & analytics.

4. Site Map & Robots File:

You should generate the sitemap for the website, as it will specify the search console to what pages it should crawl. Robots file is also compulsory; it tell and restricts the search engine from certain pages it has to avoid & disallow from indexing.

5. Using https:

Https is also a small ranking factor. If any of your websites lack it, it’s time to install the HTTPS certificate. It helps in protecting website visitors’ data. It is more important when you have a lead form on your website.

6. On Page:

On-page is an important ranking factor. Title, description, H tags hierarchy, optimized images, content flow, all these things should be perfect. Website loading speed should be fast & it should be responsive.