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Feb, 11, 2023
Web Development

The web design process in simple steps

Web designing is the most important part of developing a business web entity. Any website design should be built in a way that not only fulfills the current business needs but also can cover future requirements & be compatible with any change. The design should not only be user-friendly but also should be search engine friendly with simplified functionalities and categories. The visitor easily understands the layout and finds the desired data they look for, it gives a presentation to website pages & calls to action functions.

Some of the steps a web design process consists of.

Goals & purpose:

In this first stage, the design team starts studying the document to understand the end goal of the web entity design, in close collaboration and meeting with the client. The design team upon meeting & receiving the requirement document would get an idea about the purpose & goal of the concerned web entity. Every type of web entity is designed according to its nature of purpose & goal. A blog has a different design as compared to a simple website while an app & E-commerce have different designs, layouts, and goals associated. For better understanding, they would check with the digital marketing team about the possible target audience, checking the top competitors and relevant industry top brands’ websites. Hey, we are Web design agency in Dubai 


When the design team understands the nature of the website, they then define the scope of the website design, what kind of web pages, and functionalities & the design would need. It is advised to collaborate with the digital marketing team to acquire digital marketing optimization practices to be implemented in the entity to make it search engine friendly to increase the possibility of getting a high ranking.


After getting a detailed scope study, the design team start working on building the site map, where to keep the pages, defining the features and content, and how to interlink & group relevant pages. Wireframe is the complete sitemap of web entity design with each, and everything designed. It will define the whole website structure, architecture, and hierarchy.


Now the design team has a clear picture designed, the digital marketing team can forward the content so that we can have a complete layout of the designed webpage. All the content is placed on the webpage & checked for relevancy.

Visual brand:

When the design team shapes the sketch & design, it is sent to the client for review. After approval, the design team tests it before handing it over to the web development team.


The design team starts testing all the pages, functions, flows, color schemes, buttons, and calls to action. Once everything is ok & all the pages, categories, and design functionalities work nicely, it’s time to hand it over to the web development time.

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