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Jan, 17, 2023
Digital Marketing

Top Social media trends in Dubai for 2023: Social media trends predictions

Social media is an active part of almost everyone’s life, and companies are using it to drive traffic and get online sell through it. Businesses are using social media in innovative ways to connect with clients & potential clients in order to get the maximum of its benefits. Businesses utilize social media marketing to grow their customer base and connect with consumers of different age groups and interests. Across the globe, Social media is used by 58.4% of people with an average of 02 hours & 27 minutes each day. Videos, graphics, customer service, and social media Live are just a few of the new possibilities for utilizing social media.

With creativity and uniqueness, brands can beat the competition and stand ahead in the race.

  1. TikTok: 
    TikTok reported having over 1 billion active monthly users in September 2021, and it is still expanding. TikTok changes the trends and made social media very fast, challenging, and a place of originality. TikTok is the ideal place to reach Gen. Z through short & amazing videos. It is also a key station for millennials. TikTok is a good platform for businesses to advertise utilizing short-form videos because it is well-liked by younger audiences. TikTok also integrated a business profile facility and advertising to grow its reach.

  2. VR & AR: 
    Virtual reality is going to be an active part of brands’ social media marketing strategies. Many social media mediums especially Snapchat are integrating it into their platform. In the beauty industry, Sephora created a virtual artist, potential customers put makeup on it and decide about the selected products they will buy. The same is the case with AR, Snapchat is also leading the run, and they have collaborated with Adidas, Amazon, Euro Football League, and many other brands.

  3. Social Commerce: 
    Social Commerce is on trend and is going to be on the rise. Social commerce is making the shopping experience easy and fast. The majority of brands are flocking to Facebook Shops where social media marketers can cash for more online sales. Facebook also has provided a custom shopping-specific campaign facility.

  4. Authenticity & Originality: 
    Few events have sparked online social debates and drove huge emotional attachments like #BlackLiveMatter, MeToo, etc. People started analyzing the businesses what the brands really are & what they stand for. People want to spend for brands that are clearly aligned with their views and values and that actively count them as part of society. We have many examples which emerged online globally, Nike was criticized for forced labor allegations in China. Brands that stand with society and take a clear stance will grow more in the coming years.

  5. Content Creators: 
    Influencer marketing is growing day by day in the last couple of years. According to Tubular Labs, from all the social media channels and mediums, the influencers’ viewership will increase to hit 10 Trillion/month. Short videos are the hot cake of 2023 in content creation.

  6. Environmental Responsibility: 
    Many brands are announcing a clear environmental stance and proudly disclose their goal of meeting their targets. The trends will grow & will be in one of the top 2023 social media trends.

  7. Customer Care: 
    Social media audience is impatient, they want a quick response to their queries. HubSpot study shows that 90% of social media users want an immediate response from brands when they reach them for inquiry. They wish a high level of personal attention from brands & it will grow.

  8. AI: 
    AI is the next trend that will be in social media headlines. Social Media sites have incorporated AI-based algorithms which follow the audience’s online interactions and show the ads according to their search preferences.



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