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Mar, 03, 2023
Social Media

UAE Social Media Statistics 2023 - Most Used Social Media Trends & Platforms UAE 2023

UAE Social Media Platform Statistics 2023 - UAE is the leader of the digital transformation in the region, it has developed highly developed IT infrastructure and business development systems, which make businesses take the advantage of advanced IT systems to implement advanced technology and advertisement strategies including social media advertisement for business growth & development. Almost every individual has an active social media presence, the region has around 10 million active social media users. UAE social media statistics 2023 can not only help businesses to understand social media trends & but also in deriving the best social media strategy for 2023. The best is to hire a social media marketing agency in Dubai to get your social media marketing done.

Every business has certain target age groups and geographic areas, the strategy for targeting those audiences, where to find & how to target them. There are around 10 million internet users in UAE & almost everyone has at least one platform social media presence. Every business should know which social media channels have their customers and potential customers so that they can be targeted through that specific social media channel. Dubai social media statistics & social media presence is given as under. muncitori asia

  1. FB Messengers 63.3% 
  2. WhatsApp 80%
  3. Instagram 73.5%
  4. TikTok 67.6
  5. Twitter 55.3%
  6. Telegram 44.6%
  7. Snapchat 41.5%
  8. IMessage 20%
  9. Reddit 15%
  10. LinkedIn 49%
  11. Facebook 78.8%
  12. Pinterest 32%
  13. Skype 25%

Almost 7.30 million people actively use Facebook in the whole of the Emirates. Between 2022 and 2023, there could be an increase in ad reach of 105,000 (+1.5%). 750,000 (- 9.3%) people saw advertisements between October 2022 and January 2023, the Facebook social media statistics 2023.



In the UAE, 77.0% of the population and 88.9% of the eligible age group audience have been using Facebook. As a percentage of the country's internet users, Facebook's ad reach in the UAE is 77.8%. 26.9% of the UAE Facebook ad audience is female, while 73.1% are male.


IG has nearly 5 million active users with an overall ad reach of 52.3% to 52.5%.

60.4% have an Instagram presence out of the total population with social media-eligible ages while the ad reach is around 53%. 65% of users are male & 35% of females have been using Instagram.


Over 18 years, 8.24 million have active TikTok presence & the ad reach was 105% in the last month, while at the start of the new year of 2023, it was 88% of the internet users. 26% of Ads audience was female while 74% of the male audience. Asiatic Recrutare


Snapchat is also one of the active social media mediums, with over 4 million active users. It has an overall Ad reach equal to 42.3% and 43% of the internet local UAE users.  49% of eligible age groups have been using snapshots in UAE. Snapchat has a 44% of female audience & 56% of the male audience.


Twitter also has an active user base in UAE with over 3.6 million active users while the ad reach was around 32.5% of the total UAE population. 37.2% of the eligible people are Twitter users. Twitter ad potential reach in Emirates increased by 25% (over 610,000) in the previous 12 months.


 There are around 9 million YouTube users in UAE which have around 95% ad reach of the total population. 72.1% of the male audience and 27.9 are female YouTube users.

Businesses have been using all these social media channels for marketing their services and products. The digital economic transformation of online commerce is getting popular while the government has been providing the most business-friendly policies which encourage businesses to invest in digital advertising. Digital commerce also has created scopes for digital marketing agencies with specialist in-house teams of social media, SEO & digital marketing specialists which facilitate businesses not only to create cost-effective digital marketing strategies but also have web design, web development e-commerce store development professionals along with app development teams. Hiring digital marketing agency dubai is best solution.

 Development of Visual Content in the Future:

Visuals, videos, graphics & images type of material is more common than ever, with the rise & growth of social platforms & sites like Instagram and TikTok. We can anticipate a greater focus on aesthetically appealing & eye-catching content in 2023, including images, videos, and graphics. To stand out on social media, marketers must give priority to producing visually appealing content that attracts their target audience’s attention. UAE has a lot of social media potential for business, which is why businesses should be keen to know about UAE social media trends for 2023 & have the latest Dubai & UAE social media statics 2023 data.

The Increase in Micro-Influencers:

While big celebrities have long enjoyed social media fame, "micro-influencers," or regular people with smaller but active followings bases, have gained popularity in recent years with their amazing content. TikTok has all the credit for this trend and the rise of small influencers. More firms will be collaborating with micro-influencers in 2023 & it is one of the hot social media trends in Dubai 2023 since they provide a more genuine and relatable kind of social media marketing.

More Attention Paid to E-Commerce:

Consumers are increasingly using social media channels to find and buy things. On websites like Instagram Facebook, & TikTok, online commerce will likely receive greater attention in 2023 as new tools and features are created to make it easier to not only shop online but the complete business solutions are offered which made it easy for the business to reach a vast audience. Marketing professionals need to implement social media to promote e-commerce on large scale.

Temporary Content:

Social media sites are embracing more and more types of specific time-based content that disappeared after a specific time. Examples include Fleets on Twitter, Stories on Instagram, and Snapchat. More companies will likely experiment with temporary content in 2023 in an effort to raise awareness of their goods and services and foster a sense of urgency and expectation.

In general, social media has a promising future & we have lot of things to see in Dubai’s social media trends 2023. Thanks to the increased potential for visual material, micro-influencers, e-commerce, chatbots, transient content, and AI.