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Feb, 03, 2023
Digital Marketing

Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing In Dubai, UAE - Digital Marketing in Dubai

Guide to Digital Marketing in Dubai - We are bringing all the digital marketing flavors in one place in a complete digital marketing guide. An ultimate digital marketing guide for Dubai that will help everyone in doing digital marketing in Dubai, UAE. All the social media, SEO, content, and each type of marketing technique & marketing ideas are shared in this post. Dubai has a lot of digital marketing services providers, but Cadima – is the best digital marketing agency in Dubai and offers the highest quality of digital marketing services in UAE with best of the results. We have covered all the digital marketing cycles and techniques in this post. We will be sharing digital marketing UAE creative ideas inspired & derived from our journey in digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization Ideas:

On-Page & Technical Things Up to Mark:

SEO is the most important part. The website’s on-page aspects should be up to mark, the website should be speedy, and have a very user-friendly interface. The first stage is to do all the technical SEO, and work on FTP optimization, every category subcategory & product/service should be in the relevant category & place. Images should have proper names & Alts. Website content should be unique & very catchy & placed in a way that user can find their desired information easily.

Website Speed:

To work on your website speed, you can use Google Speed Insight & few other website audit tools to know the weak points of your website. Collaborate with your website development teams if they didn’t work it out. The website speed should be highly optimized, you can hire a professional digital marketing agency in Dubai for optimizing your website & do the rest of the digital marketing work & activities.

Server Response Time:

Server response time is another important factor in website digital marketing aspects. Find such a server that is very fast to respond & has almost zero downtime.

Local SEO:

Local SEO is in trend now. Local SEO is the best practice for businesses to get a high ranking among the top businesses in local online searches. Google gives high worth to local SEO now & now you can see local business listings are included in search results. Cadima You See IT Solutions is the best SEO Agency in Dubai with certified SEO specialists teams. It is one of the top digital marketing trends in Dubai 2023.

International SEO:

International SEO is for those businesses which have more than 1 primary business target market. Utilize all the resources for international SEO like backlinking (selective, high profile & do-follow), online reach resources, forums (if high-level forums are available) & e papers, etc. Google has changed almost everything in digital marketing. Gone are the old days when businesses didn’t need any precautions or worries about quality. You should work on all of your digital marketing activities to gain a higher ranking over your competitors, but it is a long journey, so you have to keep eye on your quality of work. 

Google Ads Campaigns:

Google Ads: 

As everyone is familiar that Google Ads are shown above search results & gain a higher percentage of impressions & conversions. Google Ads are instant conversion boosters for any business. Businesses can accelerate brand reach & revenue instantly. Google Ads offers different types of campaigns and ads like Display ads, Shopping Ads, search ads, discovery ads, local ads, etc. with different purposes. The business develops campaigns & runs paid ads according to their requirements & product or service category basis. The best would be to check for Google-certified Google Ad digital marketing agency in UAE for it, otherwise doing it without expertise may leave you in debt.

Social Media Ideas & Suggestions: 

Review Your Social Media Work:

Social media is the most essential part of business digital marketing. Businesses are spending a lot on their social media accounts to gain followers in the first place.  Pushing your social media handles and pages is the first work to start with social media. Check your competitors & top names in the same category as your business & check their social media pages and accounts, how they are doing it & what type of content they post.

Social Media Account:

No business activity or have any presence on social media apps and websites? If you are ignoring social media, you are actually ignoring the most active audience & a huge share of the online market. Over half of the world’s population has social media presence & almost every business has a good following on social media. You would find a lot of SMM services companies & best social media agencies in Dubai UAE offering social media services. As a first step, work on your business social media accounts’ followings and likes. You can run like & follow campaigns so that your business page or account can gain likes and followers. When a certain level of likes & followers is achieved, you can stop it but keep your social media accounts active by posting amazing material, graphics, images, humorous posts, and videos. Facebook, YouTube & TikTok, etc. have the going “Live” facility. Your marketing team can come live with live product demos and information.

Join Hashtags:

You will need to actively participate in the daily popular Hashtags, it will increase not only the account or business social media handle reach but also good for brand awareness. People will see your brand more often while they browse or follow hashtags. Hashtags are the factor that helps the content to get viral without any paid ad campaign. You also can check for trending hashtags, make research and share the days with your marketing team to get you the content on it ASAP. Cadima – The top social media marketing agency in Dubai knows what is best for businesses’ growth and marketing.


Posting stories is a quick method to engage the audience and followers. You can add anything, video, text, or animation & it will be up & featured for 24 hours. Stories keep the followers active and create curiosity when it shows up by changing and drawing a circle on the profile image.

TikTok & Other Social Media Sites & Apps:

There are a lot of social media marketing channels, but businesses use Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter & Snapchat mainly. Facebook has a broad reach and marketing scope for businesses. Instagram is also a great tool for business, especially for beauty, fashion, fitness & some other industries. TikTok is the most downloaded app on Play stores in the recent years. Infect, TikTok has redefined video marketing & a benchmark of popularity. Businesses should focus on TikTok and should give it great attention like other rival social media apps give it. YouTube, Instagram & Snapchat shorts also are in the market now. If you want to target Gen. Z who have nearly $ 45 Billion of purchase power, your team should work on video marketing & short video formats. TikTok is new as compared to other old rivals like YouTube & Instagram. Its 2022 revenue was $ 11.62 Billion which is predicted to be around double for the current year of 2023. Professional social media marketing companies in Dubai have In-House video marketing R&D alongside composing & editing teams. LinkedIn & Snapchat are also very important social media mediums, you should utilize for your brand marketing. LinkedIn is mainly used for B2B marketing and advertising but is also a major player in social media apps & websites. You can run business marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. On Pinterest, you can share all types of content, text, images & videos.  Brands create boards & share bookmarked text links & images or videos called Pin, which are placed at one board. The audience can share It to their own boards & which increases the marketing chances. The majority of users are female & it is popularly used by beauty, fashion and fitness businesses.


Pining your images & posts on Accounts & pages is also a good practice to increase the post reach & engagement. Pin your post for some time and refresh it with other posts periodically. Pining your latest post would also bring more impressions than a normal post.


Check your competitors’ social media accounts and if they are ahead of you in the social media run, follow their steps, analyze their way & prepare your own strategy to surpass them. Keep your social media posts creative, unique & up to mark. Following your competitors’ steps will help you track their activities & to give them a tough time. Check their handles & also social media activities & accounts periodically & backlinks too, so that you can counter their digital marketing with sharper techniques and steps. Dubai is the business center of the region, and almost every business has online presence & marketing activities. You can find the best digital marketing companies in Dubai to get your high level of competitor analysis.


Short videos are the best part of social media marketing, with the introduction of short clips by TikTok, video marketing went to new levels. Work on your videos and create catchy content, it will give you a good edge over your competitors. Video marketing will be an active part of this year of digital marketing trends in Dubai, it is the fastest way of marketing to reach a broad active audience. Video marketing would need research to create a great video at has the scope to get viral. Small businesses have a great scope in video marketing.

Social Media Campaigns:

The social media campaign is another factor that helps businesses to boost their reach, engagement, brand awareness, and online sales. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn & every social media have the option to run campaigns to reach a broad customer circle. Campaigns need to be handled by highly experienced and smart social media campaign specialists. Reach, Conversion, and Shopping campaigns are some of the campaigns which businesses mainly run for business advertising.

Local Market Ideas:

Street visits:

Getting on to the streets & do some marketing old-school thought advertising techniques would bring fruits to your business. Traditionally it was understood that it works for the local brands, but fashion, beauty, and fitness industries can be highly benefited from this technique anywhere. Recently a lot of major brands have adopted this marketing technique & have reaped very well fruit out of it.


We have seen different examples where brands get permission to design and decorate whole or some parts of the building or departmental stores or shops with a large mural. This is a good idea for creating huge brand awareness.  

Using Surroundings:

Get out & check different locations for possibilities to use it for your next marketing campaigns. The best example would be using some weird places for writing your brand message. Use nearby surroundings for such types of campaigns.

City Locations:

Cities have different spots & busy places which can be used for brand awareness and marketing. Your marketing team can find it easily, you just need to think out of the box & utilize it. The best example is Citibank’s sponsorship of Citi Bikes, with its logo painted on it along with the Citi bike brand name. 

Contest Marketing Ideas:

Photo contest: 

Images & photo contest is a great idea, creating a competition & announcing some reward for the winner would bring a lot of user-generated content for business that can be shared and reused & also can feature later.

Image Sharing Sites:

Sharing images to images sharing sites is another marketing technique, it is helpful for brand marketing and overall brand marketing & brand awareness. Designing creative posts with great punchlines would increase brand awareness.

Video Contest:

Videos contests are the same as photo contests. It may bring diverse & valuable content as video require more effort on the user’s side. These types of marketing campaigns are not only important for creating huge curiosity in the audience’s minds to know about the business but also generate useful user-generated content. Challenges and contests are important to create hype. Your team just needs to be creative and sharp in ideas generation.

Quiz & Votes

Social media also offer you to create quizzes and ask for voting between two or more things. The quiz is asking them about certain things, with yes or no or any other answer options. While Voting is very easy to launch & ask people about vote one.

Q &A Sites: 

Questions and answers websites are very good for not only backlinking but also for brand awareness and brand exposure. It helps the brand to reach people directly who are looking for the answers to their questions. Quora and Yahoo answer are examples of questions and answer sites.

Free Give Away Contest by Draws Campaign:

Brands arrange giveaway campaigns, by just participating in the draw to get a free item. Like during this football world cup, some companies offered to participate in a draw to get a Qatar return ticket along with 02 football match tickets. By this, they just got user data.

Caption Contest:

Posting a photo & asking to give the caption is another idea of marketing. It should be funny & full of humor which can grab the audience’s attention & result in a great laugh.

Contest Promotion Ideas:

Deal Sites:

People look & search for deals, discounts, and promos on different sites and forums. The forums have some sweepstake sections, where businesses have a free giveaway posted. It is a good way for clearing stock & also gain a good customer base.


Use relevant hashtags for the contest you’re running. Hashtag-ifying the contest is the best way; you also can promote & feature the contest with a small budget with reaching more people. Hashtags are good igniters on social media sites. People

Sharable Contest Post:

The shareable contest idea is to make your post & forms sharable & encourage people to share it with people. Your team can create a strategy for how to make people share it with people. You can offer bonus points perhaps.

Notify People through Email:

Notify people through email campaigns and utilize your customer list and email ids data to reach them through email campaigns. If there is anything free, your subscribers and customer would love to have free stuff & would automatically make the word-of-mouth campaign for you.

Promote it:

Promoting all the contests through social media reach campaigns will help your business message reach more people & increase engagement. All your followers along with other social media audiences will get to know about it & participate in it. 

Content Marketing Ideas:

Write for People:

Some people write for ranking & some for people. Know your target audience, their likes & dislikes, their pain points, punch items, etc. Catchy content according to your target audience’s needs and concerns will trigger their attention automatically.


Adding visuals, videos & graphics has a good impact on content quality and increases the readability chances. Images & videos are an important part of every content even blogs.


Infographics are the most interesting content type, with catchy design and content any business can generate very good brand awareness. Your designer can design it very nicely & up to mark.

Blogs posts:

Writing & sharing content on your business website’s official blog is not only useful for brand awareness but also provides useful juice to digital marketing activities & ranking.

Guest Post:

Guest posting is another type of content sharing. Write a catchy & relevant content post & share it on other quality guest posting sites. Some guest posting sites provide the do-follow link too. You can list the guest posting sites and check with them about the guest posting content.

Press Releases:

Press releases are very helpful in creating a very useful marketing brand awareness. Check for quality press release websites & submit your business press releases. There are some high-quality paid press release websites too, which provide highly useful backlinks through press releases.


The same is the case with newsletters, businesses share & send newsletters to the lists, they have and other people. If there is any product or business update, new product launch, promotion, discounts, or giveaways, businesses spread and send newsletters.

Reverse Blogging: 

Reverse blogging is the opposite of guest blogging/posting. It is like you ask someone to write an article on your blog, which can bring very good results if the person is with influence within the industry or niche.

Videos, Images & Graphics:

Visual marketing is another form of marketing that helps in creating more instant. Videos & images are the best part of marketing which doesn’t need much if it is well researched & unique. Images are also important for instant business brand awareness and marketing. YouTube channels help in creating good brand awareness.

Research the topics:

Content is king in the marketing, but how do you know what content would work & what won’t? Make some research before you write something to find a trendy subject, it would increase the chances that your content may get viral.


It is saying that every type of marketing is good marketing. Creating suspense, thrill & a slight humorous controversy is good but do not go over serious while creating very bold & controversial content, it can act as playing with fire may get you to burn, so keep on a safe track while creating one.

Future Trends Predictions:

Predicting future trends in the industry also keeps the audience linked and active. But your hypothesis should be backed by data & figures.

Product Comparison:

Though it is specific & not applied to all. It eases up the consumers who have a lot of choices in selecting the best products.


The SlideShare is still active, you can share content through catchy content & improve brand awareness.


You can write and share eBooks on trendy topics or pain points. Create a specific landing page & use the old blogs and posts to rewrite and add it to an eBook. E-papers is another suitable option for business marketing.

Online Magazine:

Online magazines are another digital marketing aspect of business marketing. A stylish online magazine will make its way through markets and brands. You can easily make online (news) E-papers easily.


Podcasts are common, social media share makes it easy for people to listen and share it with others. You can invite some industry experts to discuss hot news, predict trends & talk about topics.

Seasonal Discount Campaigns:

Seasonal Campaigns:

Businesses run campaigns with special seasonal discounts & promote it through social media accounts. You would need special pages which would be used for these campaigns. Christmas, Black Friday, Independence Day & other days related discounts should be advertised well. Web development in Dubai

User-generated Content:

User-generated content is the new trend in digital marketing activities. User-generated content creates a huge brand awareness & builds audience trust, but not every brand have this lavish thing to get from their customers but the huge and old brand have this luxury. Brands also give pay or give incentives to their customers for user-generated content. 

Overall Strategy: All these above-listed activities are helpful to be implemented in an effective way. If you have a great digital marketing strategy, you will get a very nice ROI. You need to work out every step of your strategy, whether it is SEO, content marketing, local, Google Ads & or social media marketing and advertising. You have to take every digital marketing activity in consideration, better would be to hire a professional digital marketing company in Dubai, UAE to do all these things for your business. Every step should be properly checked for the scope of implementation, but good marketing strategies always have a contingency plan. Marketing is all about changes & testing different things and making changes accordingly.

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