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Feb, 24, 2023
Digital Marketing

Ultimate Guide to E-commerce SEO in Dubai - Digital Marketing in Dubai

E-commerce SEO isn’t as easy as other website SEO. The reason is, there are hundreds of businesses in the same category, the same niche or industry trying hard to get a high place in search engine results. E-Commerce SEO is the list of SEO activities done for your online e-commerce store to develop a stream of relevant website visitors to optimize the conversion and increase the ROI along with getting a good ranking in search engine results. For better ranking, organic traffic & conversion, you will have to do SEO for your e-commerce website, Google won’t bring it above in search results

E-commerce store SEO is a very necessary task that you should start in the first place for your online store. If you miss it or it is not on your priorities, you’re missing a lot of money, and the competitors would already have done it & would surpass you in the competition.   

The common approach is using keywords on the category level. For example, the boxing gloves keyword has a very high number of searches, if it is on the first number of search results, it would generate great revenue for different types of gloves you would have in that category. Recrutare Personal Nepal

But, if you get ranked for product-specific three words keywords, the results would be very high, maybe even double or triple, and will bring a great number of conversions along with your organic traffic. SEO is the catalyst that brings relevant visitors to the website, which buys things and results in an increase in ROI.


From the SEO aspect, the optimization of the website is the core task that you should perform.

  • Keywords research & finalizing all the relevant keywords on categories, subcategories, and product basis.

  • Website hierarchical structure is the most important thing in e-commerce store optimization.

  • On-Page SEO aspects optimization like title, description, meta tags, and content optimization.

  • Technical SEO aspect of the website to make sure your website is ok and crawlable.

  • LOCAL SEO optimization, keywords specification and relocation, Google my business and Bing places along with listing businesses on all the leading business listing directories.

  • Content management & marketing help increase the reach and visibility and capture traffic.

  • Off Page & Link building activities.

  • Broken links checking.

  • Measuring progress and success.


After checking these above things and having a good audit report, you need to work on your website speed. This is one of the most important aspects of store E-commerce activities because people can’t wait for long for any website to load. It will result in a high bounce rate too & it is also one of the Google ranking factors. recrutare muncitori asia


The hierarchical structure of your e-commerce store is an important factor not only for visitors but for search engines too. By search engines, we mean, that Google crawler should track all the page elements necessary for crawling & also user-friendliness means a lower bounce rate. The optimized user-friendly landing page can increase conversion by 35% which will bring a huge difference for any business. The visitor should find everything easily on landing on the website page, it would increase the visitor’s interest & chances to purchase any product or service. It should have a good number of calls to action that encourage them to convert. So, optimize your website navigation first. Check best Web development in dubai for developing a best e-commerce store in Dubai

Keeping the Category/Sub-Category/Product approach and placing all the relevant products in relevant categories and subcategories.

Allocate Keywords:

Every website and campaign’s success is highly dependent upon keyword optimization. The most precise and relevant keywords are used, the higher will be the conversion. The more relevant would be the keywords, the more relevant would be the traffic, and high would be the conversion.

You should keep in mind that the digital marketing team should know the keyword intent, the informative keywords shouldn’t be targeted but the purchase or convertible keywords should be the priority. Also, the keyword with good searches with low or moderate competition should be in the target list.

Relevance In On-Page activities:

Relevancy in each and every aspect should be there, from on-page to off-page activities, every page should have all the things relevant & up to mark. The relevance on your side will result in acquiring relevant traffic and the high would be the conversion. The on-page factors should be separate and relevant to every specific page & the off-page activities should also be up to mark. Images should be allocated alts and names according to the specific page. The product description should be highly optimized, SEO friendly, and relevant to the concerned page. The page coy also should be up to mark and highly optimized so that it pulls some targeted keywords. Do not copy-paste the product information and description from suppliers are manufacturers. Hiring a digital marketing agency Dubai for your e-commerce store SEO is a better option.


 Off-page activities should also be done on fully relevant websites, blogs, and other relevant types of web entities. Including schema, data will help the e-commerce websites to have product availability, pricing, delivery times & reviews. The internal linking should be done, do guest posting, social media, share the content on social media, newsletters, press releases, infographics, slides share etc.


Highlighting reviews is the best practice for gaining customer trust and removing their doubts about a product or brand. Try to integrate the reviews into the website, as people follow other people’s steps.

Check & Remover Broken Links:

Remove the outdated content and pages. Apply canonical tags on the page on identical URL structure pages. Use different and unique images for each product and page.


Go local to gain customer trust and loyalty. Keep concentrated on the local keywords, and work on your Bing places, & all other top business directories listings. The purpose of the local market is to concentrate on the first local market and gain ranking in the local Google business results.