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Jan, 20, 2023
Digital Marketing

What are the types of Google Ad Campaigns & Ad formats

Google ad campaigns are the major source of advertising along with Facebook & Instagram advertising the second. Google ads are a fast and reliable source for businesses’ sales and revenue. Google ads have a high ROI ratio as compared to other ad channels. The ROI is 8:1, which means businesses get $ 8 against the $1 they spent on Ad campaigns. The Google Ad campaigns traffic relevancy and conversion ratio are very high if the ad campaigns are optimized and created well. 

The goal, type & purpose of the campaigns & objectives are different depending upon the needs of the business.  In this blog, we will try to summarize all the Google Ad campaign types and their objectives. We have created & managed countless Google Ad campaigns for our clients across the world with tailor-made custom digital marketing strategies.  

Campaign Goal: The objective and purpose of the specific google ad activity is the goal of any campaign & the goal completion is the fulfillment of a condition, happening of something or event, or an activity you want to get performed because of google ad campaigns. The goal may be a lead, website traffic, sales, brand considerations & or app downloads or signing it up.

Campaign Types: As the name suggests the type means what kind of campaign you want to run, like a shopping campaign, video campaign, display campaign, search campaign, etc.

Ad Type: Ad type is the format of the ad which is chosen according to the campaign type and goal like call ads, responsive ads, shopping ads, etc.

Now the types of Google Ads are given as under:

Google Search Network: These kinds of ads are only shown on Google search against queries searched on Google & these are the text ads that are shown above the Google Search Organic results. Search a query about anything, the Sponsored text ads above all the Search results are the search ads.

Google Display GDN: Google display ads are composed of images, visuals, and graphics which are shown on Google partners’ websites, YouTube, Gmail & all other category-relevant websites. You would have seen different size banners & image ads on the left, right & above sides of the websites, these are Google display ads.

All nine campaign types are as under:

  1. Search Campaigns: These are the Text ads that are shown above Google Search Engine against search queries.
  2. Display Ads: Graphic & image-based banner ads shown on websites.
  3. Videos ads are YouTube-based video ads.
  4. Google Shopping ads are shown above the search results showing products from Google merchant accounts.
  5. App campaigns are run for app promotions for app downloads & or for signup. 
  6. Local campaigns are run for physical stores and locations to increase the walk-ins.
  7. Smart Campaigns are automated campaigns that are automated campaign types shown both in the search results and display networks. 
  8. Performance Max campaigns are AI-based with mixing & trying ad & ad component combinations & are all-in-one campaign builders which will replace the local & smart campaigns.
  9. Discovery ads: These are similar as display campaigns shown on specific feeds, mobile search etc.


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