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Feb, 28, 2023
Digital Marketing

What is Conversion Marketing? Explained - Conversion Marketing in Dubai

Conversion marketing is the series of action plans implemented to increase the conversions ratio from the number of visitors while fulfilling the business goal. Through Online marketing, lead generation is easy but not all businesses are lucky enough to have high conversions all the time. According to some studies it is around 2.40%. You need to keep an active eye on analytics, the search console, and your bounce rate, to analyze the customer journey across your website. It will let you know and understand the causes of sudden decreases or increases in bounce rates. You need to track the percentage of your website visitors to conversion through simple calculations. Optimizing different types of website elements will help in increasing the ratio of websites. Hiring Digital Marketing Agency Dubai is the best solution to get enhance your conversion.

As a digital marketer, you would have a lot of options to check, analyze and optimize the website’s different aspects, it might be making changes to the UI, content, call to action, checking the campaigns, etc. The conversion rate is calculated from the percentage of total visitors and the converted visitors who have completed any goal set already. Asiatic Recrutare

You can calculate the conversion rate from the groups of traffic landed through different resources and mediums. These mediums or channels may be as under.

Google Ads: Your website got visitors through Google Ads promotions.

Direct: Directly write the website ULL in the search results.

Organic: Those visitors who came through search results or in words through SEO ranking.

Referrals are visitors who come from other websites and domains.

Email visitors are those who landed on your website from your email campaigns or emails you sent.

Social Media traffic landed from social media websites and platforms.

HOW To track & improve the different parts of the website.


Installing a heatmap will give you a complete understanding of visitors’ journeys through your website and pages. It will give you a live demo of your website’s weak and strong points. It will give you a sense of understanding the place of each and every element of websites like CTA, image, and content.

Website optimization:

The first thing you need to check is the website’s usability. The most user-friendly it is, the more it will people to attract. The poor is the hierarchical structure and navigation, the more visitors will need to look up the desired data. Make your website design in a way that it would be self-explanatory so that a visitor can find the product, service, or anything he/she is looking for. A good usability experience will also increase to lower the bounce rate which is an important ranking factor. The most important step is you should team up with your company web development in Dubai team to optimize the website.

Speed & other optimization:

Speed is one of the most important factors, the fast your website is loading, the more will be the victor’ session and the lower the bounce rate. People can’t wait for lazy websites to load, which is why people leave the website. Prepare the points which you can get through the Google website Page Speed insight tool.

Work on your website in every page-on-page aspect, optimize it on every single page level & allocate keywords to every page on a relevancy basis. Work on the content and its presentation, optimize the page call to action and check the image’s alt and name tags. Also checking the H tags hierarchy is also helpful to increase the relevancy of any page.

Target Audience:

Check & analyze your targeting & the target audience. Competitors analysis also helps in understanding the target audience. It will also help you personalize your advertising activities based on your target audience’s demographic data.

After analysis, you can run Re-engagement campaigns, and you can send them emails with existing offers, discounts, and coupons to reactivate them back.

Personalization on the basis of your target audience, where you can find them and produce the content according to their interest. Segment them, so that you can be able to design campaigns for them accordingly.  

After complete analysis and engagement of your website, enhance the ads & restart the campaigns. Remarketing & retargeting campaigns also help in generating results. muncitori nepalezi

Process Automation:

Using social media & other types of automation tools will help you not only spare time but also will help you keep active the website visitors. Email marketing automation tools help to generate an email that has some discounts, coupons, or promotional materials which may benefit them.

Likewise, the social media automation tool links all the social media platforms in one place and schedules, send, and share the social media posts automatically.

Brand Image:

Work on your branding and develop a brand persona with unique value prepositions defined, broadcasted, and conveyed nicely to your target audience. Propose something that your competitors don’t offer. Building a brand and portraying that it cares about its customers and provide something more unique than anyone.

Off-page & Content marketing:

Check your off-page activities link by link. Remove the old invaluable links, and curate the highly relevant backlinks from higher PA DA sites. The backlinks should be only from relevant sources and have high DA so that it can benefit the website.

The content also should be checked whether it is adding value to the visitors searching online, and check what kind of content you have been writing. Was it for customers to read and or it was for ranking? Start sharing it on all social media channels so that it can reach a broad audience.  digital marketing agency dubai 

Social media & other forms of marketing: 

Social media platforms’ audiences are most active because they have a lot of fun waiting for them online 24/7. Videos, images, funny short clips, stories of their friends, and much more one can find on social media. Also, businesses can find the young generation there highly active and have good purchasing power. Businesses are preferring social media now as they can not only find the active audience and potential customers but also have complete business solutions provided by social media platforms like Chatting the customers directly and replying to their queries and questions. Businesses can also develop and run campaigns on social media platforms to generate instant results.

The ultimate output will not only increase the conversion ratio but also will lead the business branding to the next level. Analyzing and optimizing the above aspects of any business and website will increase the conversion ratio.